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Director / Producer / Editor / Screenwriter / Choreography / Set Designer / Sound / Costume Design/ Styling

In Your Dreams
2009 film by Melanie Gonzalez (NYC)

Written, Produced and Edited by Melanie Gonzalez, 2009. 

Filmed on location in The Bronx, NY. Starring Matt Negron Tyler Dow Jazmine Aleman Rosa Guerrero Adam Echahly A quizzical high school student starts seeing a repeating lustrious figure appearing in his dreams, in all of them, from his chemistry classroom, to a Bronx mafia alleyway... who is that creature in the forests? In Your Dreams was created in 2009 on sony cameras with cassette tapes, digitally converted and edited. Filmed in New York City's Julia Richman Complex, City Island, Allerton Ave, and Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, NY.

Melanie Gonzalez Art

A video channel of cultural interviews and short films by photographer artist and nature lover, Melanie Gonzalez. (c) 2024 2024 Copyright notice: All content on this channel is the intellectual property of channel owner, unless otherwise stated. You must contact the artist and receive permission to use or distribute this video/photo/audio content in any commercial form other than for personal or educational use.

Sharing the Same Cielo Part III edited by MGA for Peptián's Dancing La Botánica, La Tierre Vive!, 2021 

Edited by MG in 2021. Original art photography by MG. 

'Sharing the Same Cielo' is a series of three video presentations in June 2021 of performance works by dance, film and spoken word artists who have been connected through Pepatián’s 30+ years of work in arts and culture in The Bronx.

 Produced by Pepatián in collaboration with a long-standing partner Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, this series is part of a larger initiative produced by Pepatián entitled, Dancing La Botánica: La Tierra Vive!, a project co-lead since its 2019 launch by dance artists and educators, Beatrice Capote and Alicia Díaz. 

Based on the projects’ ethos to create space for connection and remove isolation, 'Sharing the Same Cielo' offers artists a way to focus on working together even in physical distancing. This project shows the strength of collective imagining and the profound connections born from two years of meetings, conversations, and sharing of works-in-process. Dance works and poetry connect with sky and water, and with Ochún and Yemayá, moving us from Clocktower building in Mott Haven, The Bronx to Richmond Virginia, and from Puerto Rico to Indianapolis, Indiana always returning to The Bronx as the artistic and central hub of all our work. 

Dance Artists include: Merián Soto (co-founder, Pepatián), Noemí Segarra Ramírez (collaborator with Pepatián since 1995), along with other artists who have worked with Pepatián since the early 2000s, dance artists: Rokafella, Alicia Díaz, and poet/video editor Caridad De La Luz, along with other more recent collaborators: Leenda Bonilla (visual artist), Beatrice Capote (dancer), Megan Curet (dancer), Melanie Gonzalez (visual artist, video editor), Beverly Lopez (dancer). 

This 2020-21 engagement is an exciting collective collaboration that brings significant artists together to explore commonalities and creative expressions that connect their artistic worlds. Pepatián: Bronx Arts ColLABorative was founded in 1983 in the South Bronx, and remains dedicated to creating, producing and supporting contemporary multi-disciplinary art by Latino/a/x and Bronx-based artists. 

Produced by Pepatián: Bronx Arts ColLABorative in collaboration with Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, Hostos Community College/CUNY DANCING LA BOTÁNICA: LA TIERRA VIVE! Sharing the Same Cielo Dedicated to Merián Soto - dancer, choreographer, educator, and co-founder of Pepatián. We've all connected because of your work. 

MUSIC CREDITS: For the June 18 video: (Instrumental) Bad Bunny - Te Mudaste, by Danny Beatz, used with permission. (Link) // (Instrumental) Notorious B.I.G. - Sky's the Limit (Link) // Original recording by Beatrice Capote, 2021. // Free Caribbean Trap Beat 2020 “Tropics” Free For Profit Beats - Unknown Instrumentalz (Link) // Mill Brook Preserve water, Original recording by Melanie Gonzalez, 2021 // Oshun Ide Were Were - Zion Trinity (Link) // 'Gravity' by Extenz | Chill Tropical House Music (No Copyright) (Link) // Big Crowd Cheer & Applause Clap Sound Effect (Link)

Centro de Educacíon Especial Samuel, Haína, Rep. Dom. (Intrevista con Lic. Elba de Castillo Valdez), 2019

EN: This video is Copyright of the Owner, Melanie Gonzalez (c) 2021. All copies are not to be sold or distributed without written consent from the Copyright Owner. This video is for educational purposes only. I filmed this interview style piece in 2019 in Haína, Dominican Republic at the Centro de Educacíon Especial Samuel (Samuel Center for Special Education) with the founder, psychologist and president, Elba Castillo de Valdez. The origin of the school was inspired by the founder and her husband’s unfulfilled needs when looking to place their son, Samuel in school who was born with Down’s syndrome over 20 years ago. 

In this video, she brings me on a tour of the school and explains to me all of the aspects of the school including its classrooms, bathrooms, physical and cognitive therapy rooms, parent counseling rooms, school kitchen, eating and play area, and the administrative office. This video was made by me as a personal contribution with my artistic skills to the school as a fundraising tool to continue supporting education of youngsters in the neighborhood who are special needs and could benefit from routine schooling, therapy and education, something lacking in this area for children of various medical disabilities. The contact information is on the beginning 0:16 of this video. 

This is the school’s pamphlet from when I filmed this interview in 2019. Mrs. Castillo de Valdez and her colleagues can much better elaborate on the school’s mission and their current fiscal needs if you contact them by phone or email (in Spanish). 

Editing by Powerflex500 Videos Directed and Produced by Melanie Gonzalez 

For more information on the school, you may read more or may contact the offices at: Facebook Google Maps 

ES: Este video es Copyright del propietario, Melanie Gonzalez (c) 2021. Todas las copias no deben venderse ni distribuirse sin el consentimiento por escrito del propietario de los derechos de autor. Este video es solo para fines educativos. Filmé esta pieza de estilo de entrevista en 2019 en Haína, República Dominicana, en el Centro de Educación Especial Samuel (Centro Samuel de Educación Especial) con la fundadora, psicóloga y presidenta, Elba Castillo de Valdez. En este video, ella me lleva a un recorrido por la escuela y me explica todos los aspectos de la escuela, incluidas las aulas, baños, las salas de terapia física y cognitiva, las salas de orientación para padres, la cocina de la escuela, el área para comer y jugar, y la oficina administrativa. Este video fue hecho por mí como una contribución personal con mis habilidades artísticas a la escuela como una herramienta de recaudación de fondos para seguir apoyando la educación de los jóvenes del barrio que tienen necesidades especiales y podrían beneficiarse de la escolarización, la terapia y la educación de rutina, algo que falta en esta área para niños de diversos antecedentes médicos. El origen de la escuela se inspiró en las necesidades insatisfechas de la fundadora y de su esposo cuando buscaban colocar a su hijo, Samuel, en la escuela, quien nació con síndrome de Down hace más de 20 años. La información de contacto está al principio 0:16 de este video. Este es el folleto de la escuela de cuando filmé esta entrevista en 2019. La Sra. Castillo de Valdez y sus colegas pueden explicar mucho mejor la misión de la escuela y sus necesidades fiscales actuales si se comunica con ellos por teléfono o correo electrónico (en español).

Moro de Habichuelas y Espagueti al stilo Dominicano, Ramonita Díaz, grabada por Melanie Gonzalez, 2019

05 Septiembre 2019 En Azua, República Dominicana, mostra tía Ramonita como se hace moro y espagueti sencillo y rico para una comida tipica del país, o, como ella reclama, como se come en el campo. 

In Azua, Dominican Republic, tia Ramonita shows us how she makes moro (rice and beans) and spaghetti a-la-Dominican, a simple and delicious dish known in the D.R., or as she claims, how it is eaten and prepared in the countryside. 

90 Second Docs 
by Melanie Gonzalez Art

A short video series by Melanie Gonzalez ART which documents spontaneous interactions with special characters on the streets who have a story to tell.

90 Second Docs: Dorothy (Ep #3)

I met Dorothy on Basin St. in front of a corner store during a trip to New Orleans. She let me photograph her and film her for a little and had no problems posing for me. We talked about things from family and love, to biking and gambling. This powerful mother of 9 (of which only 5 remain) says she stays young and healthy for her great-grandchildren. We loved her outfit, her bike, and words of wisdom. Great addition to the #90SecondDocs series.

90 Second Docs: DJ Disciple (Ep #2)

A message from an old school skater who rolled up to us during a film shoot in the South Bronx and introduced himself as "DJ Disciple"; a Puerto Rican born, LES raised, goth, skater, DJ, filmmaker, animator, and fashion designer. 

90 Second Docs: Christine (Ep #1)

An interruption during filming by 149th St in the south Bronx turned into a few amazing moments caught on camera. Here is a short message from Christine Bianco. 

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