Image above: "Tadasana Guard", a photographic rash guard sold at Ascension BJJ with Piedra y Sombra Designs (2023), featuring photo "Montaña Redonda, Miches, República Dominicana" by Melanie Gonzalez Art (2019).

Welcome to Suzanna Productions (est. 2019): 
1. Fine Photography Studio by Melanie Gonzalez Art.
2. Creative + Textile solutions from Piedra y Sombra Designs.

Background image: Piedra y Sombra Banners installation view: Giardino Bardini, (Left), Castle on the Concourse, (Right).
Installation view at Longwood Gallery, En Foco Fellowship's Subject ≠ Object Exhibition, Bronx, NY, 2019

-> Purchase banners here. -> View photo series: Rock and Shadow.

June 20, 2024 5PM

The Travels and Photography of Melanie Gonzalez In-Person Event

Artist and photographer Melanie Gonzalez will talk about her philosophy behind her layered stills, a series which she called "Rock and Shadow/Piedra y Sombra" and show how it has developed over 7 years of double exposure photography.

She will also discuss her international travels and how she was inspired to use her camera as an expressive tool to capture scenes landscapes and portraits. 

Location: Meeting Room / Highland Public Library 15 Elting Pl Highland, NY 12538.

June 2024

Traversing Through Light:
A 10-Yr Fine Photography Retrospective
From the studios of 

JUNE 01-30 2024
Highland Public Library
14 Elting Place 
Highland, NY 12538

Email for Newsletter signup about exhibitions, the arts and cultural happenings from Suzanna Productions.

May 2024

New Paltz Photo Works
Vol. II. No. II

Paper copies found in 
New Paltz, NY + surrounding areas
(Newspaper dropoff list).

Ryan Kraus, May 2024: "New Paltz Photo Works is a local paper that features photographers across the country. Use NPPW as a lens into the eye of people around you, far from you, and in your community. "

  • Camera collectors page
  • Film Digital photography + interviews
  • Find MGA's  ad on page 20!

April 2024

Melanie's "Photography Museum
'Vinted' Gift Shop" featured at

10AM - 2PM Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Parking Lot of Canvas & Clothier,
27 Garden Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

January 2024

Suzanna Productions Presents:
Purchase Archival Quality Photographic Large WALL ART, BANNERS, and DIPTYCHS by Melanie Gonzalez Art.

January 2024

Kwanzaa 2023
//Pinecones painted by youth now on view at the Historic Anne Oliver House.

Kids Painting Activity: Pinecone Painting in MWLC logo colors. For more information on the Anne Oliver House, visit the Margaret Wade-Lewis Black History and Cultural Center: MWLC.

Collaborative Painting, Youth Art Facilitation and Installation by artist Melanie Gonzalez in collaboration with the MWLC.

December 2023

Melanie's Photography Museum
"Vinted" Gift Shop featured at

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

December 8th, 15th & 22nd, 2023 
Fridays 9AM-1PM

October 2023

Diasporican Art in Motion: CUNY Hunter's Digital Archive of Boricua visual artists. Link.

"Puerto Rican artists have been at the forefront of community-based socio-political movements and institution-building, over the course of a century-long migration to the U.S. 
Their Diasporican Art in Motion (DAM) initiative is a digital archive and community mapping project seeking to document the impact of migration on Puerto Rican visual culture and community-building through in-depth profiles of contemporary diasporic Puerto Rican visual artists." - Artists | CentroPR

Community Sew 10.07.2023

Local Artists facilitating at 
37 O'Neil St. Kingston, NY 12401

10am-3pm Saturday, October 7th, 2023

Free community sewing, bring your projects and questions to bring your ideas to life with technical help from local sewists. Refreshments served, donations welcome.

Hosted by Suzanna Productions, Unfettered Arts Gallery, Alessandra Gonzalez and Maureen Schell, Costume Designer at Bard College.

(Background Image by Jennifer Edwards at our "Sew Hot!: Caribbean Themed Community Sew 08/05/23).

In Hispanic No More/We're Reclaiming our Heritage: Group Art Show CURRENTLY ON VIEW : September 15 - October 15, 2023 @ Reason & Ruckus/Cryptic Gallery 305 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, New York, 12601.

WORKS FEATURED: Architectural and Landscape photography from MGA Studio of Italy and Dominican Republic scenery. Installation view below featuring woodcut from curator and artist Lala Montoya.

Suzanna Productions/MGA Studio was hosted by PUF Studios/Hudson River Housing's Community Print Shop for POK Open Studios.

Art Walk Kingston — Arts Mid-Hudson, 
16-17, Sept. 2023

Art Walk Kingston is a celebration of the arts and the local community and one of the largest open studio tours in the Hudson Valley. Over the course of two days, visitors and local residents are invited to explore three distinct areas of the city of Kingston and immerse themselves in a range of art and events. Paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures are just some of the mediums that will be on display at home studios and galleries across the city. Whether you have a few hours or a full day, the event weekend will offer a broad range of art and activities for everyone.

Suzanna Productions/MGA Studio was hosted by Unfettered Arts Gallery (37 O'Neil St Kingston, NY) for Art Walk Kingston 2023.

Poughkeepsie Open Studios / Poughkeepsie Estudios Abiertos, 09-10, Sept. 2023.

WORKS FEATURED: Tiny Photo Books by Melanie Gonzalez, and edition started at PUF and formulated from Women Studio Workshop's Summer 2023 "Tiny Books & Miniature Libraries course with Imin Yeh", 2017 Brazil photography by MGA Studio, various portfolios and Ascension BJJ Apparel.

Suzanna Productions/MGA Studio was hosted by PUF Studios/Hudson River Housing's Community Print Shop (8 N Cherry St) for POK Open Studios.

"Thank YOU for supporting local, living Artists like myself and everyone involved in making this collection happen! 
Feel free to purchase our Photographic BJJ rashguards and leggings today in collaboration with Ascension BJJ Apparel at the Shop at Ascension Yoga 

-Melanie Gonzalez, Artist Photographer, Melanie Gonzalez Art / Creative Director, Suzanna Productions, July 2023.

Ascension Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Yoga Apparel supports local, living artists with Piedra y Sombra Designs!

Ascension BJJ Apparel's debut collection of rashguards and leggings incorporates architectural and natural landscape photography from Melanie Gonzalez Art.
Purchase your PHOTO ART sportswear created by Piedra y Sombra Designs today at Ascension BJJ & Yoga's online store or in person at 307 Wall St. Kingston, NY 12401.

the Ascension Guard, depicted above, features the black and white photograph "Castle on the Concourse, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Bronx, NY, USA" (2017-2023) by Melanie Gonzalez Art.  

The collection of BJJ rashguards and leggings were designed at P&SD in 2022. Purchase this piece or 4 other original photo designs in Men's and Women's sizes now in-store or online. <3 


Presenting the art of Thetis Selingardi, Melanie Gonzalez, and Maria Fernanda Hubeat

JUNE 3rd - AUGUST 30th, 2023

Opening Reception 06/03/2023 4-6pm

307 Wall St. Kingston, NY

ON view through August 30, by appointment. Reach out to

WORKS FEATURED: Rock and Shadow / Piedra y Sombra (2012-2019) vertical landscape series by Melanie Gonzalez Art.

And that's a wrap!

Suzanna Productions presents
Step + Repeat, Red Carpet Studio Photography
for the 
MyKingstonKids' Children's Summer Gala:
Summer Sizzle! 07-22-23 Kingston, NY

Sew Hot: A Caribbean-themed Community Sewing Day

TWO-PART SERIES, AUG. 05 and 10/07 at 
37 O'Neil St. Kingston, NY 12401

Refreshments and sewing machines and equipment provided. 

Bring your sewing machine or hand sewing kit with your sewing project and get your questions answered and if you like, sew your CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL costumes.

Participating Sponsoring Artists
-Jennifer Edwards at Unfettered Arts Gallery
-Melanie Gonzalez at Suzanna Productions
-Priscilla De Conti, head costume designer for Seasoned Gives' Caribbean Carnival (08/12)
-Alessandra Gonzalez, local vocalist, musician and sewist.   

This event is free, open to all ages and $10 suggested donations are accepted! One-of-kind sewing kits provided with your donation.

More about the Organizers/Artists

Summer Sew-Stitch! Community sewing day

Saturday JUNE 3rd, 2023 10am-3pm

Community sewing meeting

Bring your sewing project, mending or sewing questions to Unfettered Arts Gallery for a day of sewing, snacking and learning!

Moe (Maureen Schell, Costume Designer at Bard College) and Melanie Gonzalez (Artist Photographer at and will assist you with sewing guidance and tips.

We will have sewing machines and notions, you are welcome to bring your own machine or hand sew.

Refreshments will be served. This event is free to the public. Donations are welcome!

Closing Reception:
Soul Reflections,  fine photography group exhibition

Sunday APRIL 2, 2023 4-6 PM

Join us at 4 PM on Sunday, April 2nd, in the Unison Arts Gallery at 68 Mountain Rest Rd. in New Paltz for the official closing reception of “Soul Reflections,” a photography exhibit by the Collective of Photographers of Color in Ulster County.

See here for more information about the exhibit:

Each artist will discuss their work during an intimate artist talk. Light refreshments will be provided.

Upcycle Chic- DENIM!

Saturday, April 1st, 2-5pm
Unfettered Arts Gallery
37 Oneil St Kingston, NY

Local professional artists and textile workers are teaming together to bring you this fun, creative workshop where you will enhance your general sewing skills, and make something durable, useful and beautiful to your everyday life.

We bring you "Upcycle Chic- DENIM!", a sewing class with Moe (Maureen Schell, Costume Designer, Bard College) & Mel (Melanie Gonzalez, Artist Photographer at Suzanna Productions) to be had at Unfettered Arts Gallery, a makerspace spearheaded by Jennifer Edwards.

Clean out your closet, bring your favorite decommissioned denim clothing. Melanie and Moe will share tips and tricks for how to transform your favorite jeans into a fun apron, tote or basket.

Register HERE.

Artist Talk con Carmen Lizardo & Melanie Gonzalez 03/16/2023

Pop-up installation of Gonzalez Melanie's "High Point Trail near Ice Caves", 24"x111", vinyl printed photograph, Piedra y Sombra series, and "Broadway Bubble Bum/ Corn Stalk Broker" handmade textile quilt\tablecloth\costume, 2022.

Photo above by Patt Blue. Photo at right by Nicole Leonardo @ CPW: Meet the Artists from 03/16/23.

Photo 1 © Carmen Lizardo, Self Portrait Closed Road, Amarillo, Texas. | Photo 3 © Melanie Gonzalez, Dominicanizando, 2014. | Photo 4 © Melanie Gonzalez portrait by Nancy Paredes New Paltz, NY 2021.

This Thursday, "Meet the Artist" welcomes Carmen Lizardo and Melanie Gonzalez. Lizardo is a Caribbean artist born in the Dominican Republic who uses alternative processes, printmaking, drawing, and video in her work. She is on faculty at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Gonzalez, born in The Bronx, NY, of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, practices fine photographic arts through printed photographs, fashion design, wearable art, photographic sculptures, film, and editing. Her company, Suzanna Productions, presents multimedia creative solutions derived from her photography.


March 16, 2023, 5:30 - 7:00 pm. RSVP here:

This event will be live-streamed on CPW’s Facebook page just before start time.

CPW's "Meet the Artist" takes place every Thursday evening. Join CPW to discover new work, explore artists' processes, and meet other local artists. These events are free and open to the public. Coffee and tea will be served.

"Meet the Artist" is made possible by a generous grant from the Arnold and Augusta Newman Foundation.

SOUL REFLECTIONS: A Collective of Photographers of Color in Ulster County

Exhibiting at 68 Mtn. Rest Rd. New Paltz, NY Feb 25th – April 3rd, 2023

The Margaret Wade-Lewis Center and Unison Arts jointly invite their beloved community to the opening reception of “Soul Reflections,” an exhibition of photographs that reflect the complex and profound lives of those of African ancestry within our River Valley and across the Diaspora.

The show presents the work of the Soul Reflections Photography Collective—a group of photographers of color residing in Ulster County—and features work by Ben Eichert, Micah Fornari, Melanie Gonzalez, Maria Fernanda Hubeaut, Kristopher Johnson, and Michael Torres. It will run from Feb. 25 through April 3.

See Unison's page here for artist bios and an essay about the exhibit by curator Jean-Marc Superville Sovak.

{||Winter 2023||} Ascension Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is proud to offer the Mid-Hudson Valley a world-class martial arts training facility in the Stockade District, Kingston NY. Their goal is to elevate all beings that walk through their doors to their highest potential.

Photographic athletic leggings and compression tops featuring images from Melanie Gonzalez's "Rock and Shadow | Piedra y Sombra" double exposure series.

Sewing Meet + Greet hosted by Mel, Moe & Sarah @ GWI

Saturday, February 25th, 2023 1pm - 3pm
The Greenhouse @ GWI 68 St. James St., Kingston, NY

Free sewing meetup hosted at Good Works Institute.

Brought to you by Melanie, Sarah and Maureen; three sewists in Ulster County.

"Bring some sewing, bring your machine. Come sew!"

Refreshments provided. Free event, donations accepted.

Information provided about Mel and Moe's upcoming sewing classes in the area.

Event Producers:
Melanie Gonzalez @ Photographer Artist at Suzanna Productions
Sarah A Carlson @ Growing Films 
Maureen Schell, Costume Designer @  Bard College.

(Thanks everyone who made it out in the snow!! - MG)

read more on Daily Freeman

Friday, February 3rd, 2023 5pm - 9pm, Grand Opening. Sat Feb 4, 2023 from 11am-5pm & by Appointment Free Admission Gallery: Deep Tanks KNY 410 E. Chester St., Kingston, NY 12401.

In Kingston, New York, this February 3rd, 2023 - Soul Reflections Photography Collective Grand Opening is offering its First
Photography Opening at Deep Tanks KNY, a professional photography studio space. The collective is excited to start off with African
American Celebration month and present works by six artists photographers Ben Eichert, Micah Fornari, Melanie Gonzalez Maria Fernanda
Hubeaut, Kristopher Johnson and Michael Torres.

On Terrain & Emblem, October 2021
photography and printmaking co-curated show.

On Terrain and Emblem is a group exhibition of four women artists (Jazmine Catasus, Melanie Gonzalez, Harley Ngai Grieco, and Nancy Paredes) working in paper-making, photography, printmaking, and sculpture (co-curated by the artists). This exhibition unearths fragments of memory, 
home, and immigrant lineage through analog / contemporary renderings of landscapes and cultural / domestic motifs. Each artist performs 'excavations' of the self and cultural recollection by exploring their relationships with objects and materials. The work assumes the role of artifact; proposing that the act of excavation can become a meditation on home. Through exhibiting scenes, icons, and artifacts from their personal histories, each artist’s ‘renderings’ take on unique forms, unified through multidisciplinary processes and the ambiguous nature of nostalgia.

*Harley Ngai Grieco is a New York City-based artist to receive a grant through the City Artist Corps Grants program, presented by The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), with support from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME).

Video editing:
Sharing the Same Cielo – Part III, Series Finale

This final part of Sharing the Same Cielo brings all the participating artists together in a special video presentation by visual artist and editor Melanie Gonzalez. Together the artists bring Pepatián’s 30+years of work and culture in The Bronx full circle - from the beginnings to the present - from Mott Haven in the Bronx to Richmond, Virginia to Indianapolis, Indiana to Puerto Rico – and always back to El Bronx, where all the artists first connected.

The dancers, visual and spoken word artists are Megan Curet Rokafella with Jennifer “Beasty” Acosta, Beverly Lopez Merián Soto Noemí Segarra Ramírez Alicia Díaz Beatrice Capote Leenda Bonilla, Caridad De La Luz aka La Bruja and Rosalynn Diaz aka Through Her Brown Eyes. 

About Pepatián: Bronx Arts CoLABorative, in collaboration with the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, presents Sharing the Same Cielo over three Friday nights on June 4, 11, and 18. This series is part of Dancing La Botánica: La Tierra Vive! and offers artists a way to focus on working together in physical distancing, showing the strength of collective imagining and the profound connections born from two years of meetings, conversations, and sharing of works-in-process.

February 2021

Bookmaking workshop in partnership with The Children's Art Carnival

In an age where books are going digital, The Children's Art Carnival will present a workshop on simple and classic bookmaking-journals and sketchbooks.

The workshops took place virtually in December 2020 and February 2021.

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Photography direction:
"Look at this, I'm healing", an outdoor photo exhibition.

Produced in collaboration with Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation's annual 'Art on the Concourse' featuring 40+ photographs taken by Serviam Gardens' senior citizen students.
Also showing: 'Rose of Hope' original photography.

The project was conceived in lockdown and inspired by the senior residents of Serviam Heights, Towers and Gardens' arts and crafts group. In the face of the pandemic, the seniors continued to make, exchange and care for each other with art.

Look at this, I'm healing, launched on November 12, 2020 as part of our annual fundraiser event Art on the Concourse: A Virtual Block Party celebrating 40 years of Fordham Bedford in 2020.


Fine art photography:
"Piedra y Sombra (Rock and Shadow)" shown at The Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Medicine

‘Piedra y Sombra (Rock and Shadow)’ represents a series of analog photographs utilizing the process of multiple exposures; a catalyst for multi-media projects emphasizing the impact of cultural diversity within natural surroundings. During excursions abroad, the project coincided with the documentation of botanical gardens, urban foliage, and the decayed landscapes of the Bronx.

Interaction of overlapping textures revealed a previous non-existent chronology that transcended the assignment into 3-dimensional objects, wearable art, vertical panoramas, and video indicative of the fusion of organic fauna with modern civilization; an archival anthology that consecrates natures’ significance as an impetus for artistic sustenance.


Studio Lighting + Intro to Digital Photography Instructor:
to senior citizens at Serviam Gardens, Bronx, NY.

In partnership with ChaShaMa as Artist-in-Residence 2019 - 2020 and Fordham-Bedford Housing Corporation, I developed and taught two semesters of beginner's digital studio photography and post production to a group of enthusiastic and enjoyable senior citizens at an independent living complex.

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